Student Pen


I have made a pen that I will hang around the neck of a girl who has graduated after eleven years in school. She likes to draw so it had to be a pencil.

Here is the pattern if you want to do the same.

Hook: 2,5

Yarn: Tilda from Svartafaretab. 50% cotton/50% acryl 50gr=150m

Start: chain 2 in the color of the rubber

Round1. 6 sc in the second chain from hook

Round2: Inc around (12)

Round3. [sc, inc] around (18)

Round4. [sc2, inc] around (24)

Round5. 24 sc in back loops only

Round6-7. sc around (24)

Change yarn to black

Round8. sc around (24)

Change yarn to the color of the pen


Round9. 24 sc in back loops only

Round10-35. sc round (24)

Change to beige yarn

Round36. [2 sc, dec] in back loops only (18)


Round37-38. sc around (18)

Round39. [ sc,dec ] ( 12)

Change to black yarn

Round40. dec (6)

Round41. sc (6)

Fasten off.




Start: chain 2 White yarn

Round1: 7 sc in the second chain from hook

Round2. inc around (14)

Round3. [ sc, inc] around (21)

Round4. [ 2sc, inc] around (28)

Round5. [3sc, inc] around (35)

Round6-7. sc around (35)

Round8. [ 3sc, dec] around (28)

Change to black yarn

Round9-10. sc around (28)

Round11. 3slip stitch, 1 sc, 1 hdc, [ 2dc in 1 sc] x3, 1hdc, 1 sc, 1sl.

Fasten off

The mark on the hat.

chain 2, 5 sc in the second chain from hook. Fasten off but spare yarn to sew it on the hat. Make a stitch of blue in the middle.


I hope you like my pattern. If that´s something you´re wondering about then write to me.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend.


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