Shawl collar !

imageYarn: Split from Jarbo Garn. You vill need nearly four balls of yarn which is 50gr and 50 meter each.

Yarn needle: size 8 (UK size 0)

This pattern i for adult. If you want to do it for a child, just do less singel crochet and not as many rounds.

Start: chain 21

Round 1. In the second chain from the hook, single crochet to the end = 20 single crochet.

Chain up 1 and turn

Round 2-74: 20 single crochet in the backloop only.

Mounting and finishing:

Place the short sides towards the long sides to form a V in the front.

Round 1. Start in the tip of the V. Crochet the two layers together with 20 sc and then continue with 1 sc in each round until you reach the next double layer which you crochet together with 20 sc.

Round 2. 3 sl st, 1 dc in each sc from the previous round. When back in the tip, make 2 dc in the 3 sl st you started the round with.

Round 3. Make 2 sc along the long side of the last dc, continue with 1 sc in each dc.

Fasten off and work away your tails of yarn.

Decorate one side with large buttons.

Fold down the shawl.


You are not allowed to sell my pattern or items you have produced from my pattern. Only for your own use or to give away to loved ones.

If you have trouble, don’t hesitate to contact me, easies on

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